Sustainable Fashion for Cleaner Oceans

octobre 4, 2019
In collaboration with our partner Rockay.

Did you know that every year, 8 million tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans and seas? And if you did, you probably can’t even imagine how 8 million tons of garbage looks like! It takes hundreds of years for plastic to dissolve, which means all the trash we throw away every year just gyres, tears and creates both microplastic particles and huge islands of trash.

Well, it’s really time for us to do something about all that pollution and production of garbage and there’s no better place to start than our wardrobes. If you want to know more about ocean pollution, read this text on sustainable fashion.

Say no to fast fashion

Here’s a short fashion history lesson: up until the mid-twentieth century, the fashion industry had four seasons a year—fall, winter, spring and summer. With that in mind, designers worked ahead to plan every season and place products on the market. However, today’s fashion brands run on more than 50 micro-seasons, which comes down to one new collection a week. This means that stores have a huge supply of fast fashion in stock all the time. 

With increased production, brands need to cut corners and make clothing in a rushed and low-quality manner. Due to rapid production, low-quality and competitive prices, the fast fashion of today has a large impact on the environment. Every cheap t-shirt you grab has a much bigger environmental cost that comes in the form of energy, water, land and chemicals required to make it. So, instead of grabbing everything that stores advertise, opt for some timeless and high-quality items.

Try new materials

Most people know that reducing, recycling and reusing helps us fight pollution, but there are more things you can do. If you need to buy new clothes, watch out for the tag and seek natural and sustainable materials. For instance, today you can find “leather” made out of natural materials like pineapple leaves, lyocell, linen and sustainable cotton. The production of such materials is much more sustainable (it requires less water and no chemicals that will be released into the oceans) and cruelty-free. Wool is also completely sustainable. 

Today, you can find great products like Rockay Running Socks made with organic merino wool. This brand is determined to stop senseless waste and pollution while providing athletes with top-quality performance gear. In the future, we can expect many new sustainable materials and brands that support the same cause. 

Try swapping instead of shopping

Most people use only 20 percent of all clothing items they own, however they still choose to purchase more than 30 pieces of clothes each year. If you’re a shopaholic that needs to satisfy their need for new clothing, you can choose to swap instead of shop. You can sign up to websites like SwapStyle and declutter your closet and refresh your wardrobe in a cost-effective and planet-friendly way. Just swap your old clothes for someone else’s and you’ll reduce waste yet stay stylish and fresh.

In addition to our merino offerings and to ensure our gear can be resold on the second-hand market, we also work Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology for our synthetic offerings like our calf compression sleeves. Having this technology provides an odor-free promise and makes the second-hand market an option as the product won’t smell after you use it. When we use Polygiene®, we are also able to skip washing our clothes and gear as frequently. In return, giving the product a longer life because it won’t wear down as fast due to washing and we can dramatically save the amount of detergent and microplastics washed out from our laundry and ends up in the ocean.

Rent your garments

Can you imagine having all the latest garments of the season without hurting the planet or your wallet? Well, today you can fill your closet with Insta-worthy clothing for a fixed monthly price thanks to smart clothing rental services that keep on popping up around the world. Companies like Covatella and Style Theory allow you rent pieces with your subscription and some even offer minor alterations. 

When you want to refresh your closet, you just need to return your rented clothes and pick up something else. Think of it as Netflix for fashion! This way, we can all have the latest fashion without filling out our closets with items that will end up in the garbage and then in our oceans in less than a year.

If you just change your point of view and alter some of your harmful habits, you’ll still get to sport stylish clothing while being eco-conscious and sustainable. Our oceans, all marine animals and future generations will be very thankful for your efforts.


When we use Polygiene, we are also able to skip washing our clothes and gear as frequently


Rockay Running Socks made with organic merino wool